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Hydraulic Valves

Typical operating limits of size 06, CETOP03 versions. Ambient temperature 70 °C (158 °F), Voltage Un -10 % (24 VDC), Power Pn 10 W.There are potentially explosive mixtures in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust in various segments of the chemical and petrochemical industries or for example in

Low-Profile Strip Lights Illuminate Machines

Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for process and industrial automation, today announced the release of the WLS15, a professional grade LED strip light that makes it easy and very cost-effective to illuminate machines, work spaces, and mobile equipment for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.Featuring high-efficiency LEDs and a

Movement Detector

Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables you to easily configure the new movement detector’s parameters with a smartphone with either an Android or an iOS operating system. Once you have installed the detector, download the free Finder Toolbox App, from the official Google and Apple stores, to configure the device. Open

PID Controllers

Toshiba India has introduced Model Driven PID (MD-PID), a solution to energy and cost saving for long dead time control loops. E.g. in a coal fired boiler, these could be attained by stabilizing and increasing the main steam temperature within the operation range. MD-PID is a software function block (type

PASloto: Software Package

PASloto: Manage hazardous energy safely With PASloto, Pilz now offers a software package to document lockout-tagout processes (LoTo). As a result, job specifications for dealing with hazardous energy sources can be produced and documented simply. In the associated training course, Pilz also conveys the necessary knowledge about the LoTo procedure and

Printed Circuit Board Relay

Ultra-Slim 34 Series Finder has made an important production modification to the markings on the pcb 34 Series relay. This relay is also widely used in industrial automation, typically as a PLC interface - marketed as the 38 and 39 series of Modular Interface Relays. The reasons for the change: greater

150W Wave Aisle Lighter Highbay

Venture Lighting’s Wave Aisle Lighter Highbay fixtures are the optimal solution for upgrading existing HID or Fluorescent installations using high racking. Construction-- The high performance LED source is mounted to an aluminum heat sink which is designed to ensure proper thermal management of the system. This design allows for a cooler

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