• Name: Mr. Igor Palka

    Designation: Chief Operating Officer

    Company: Messe Muenchen India

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    1. Messe Muenchen India started operations in India?

    As part of its international strategy, Messe Muenchen founded its own affiliated company in India with a registered office in Mumbai, in September 2007. Messe Muenchen India has been founded to provide Messe Muenchen with timely and competent organisational support for its increasing involvement in India.     

     2. How did you decide to come to India?

    India is a strategically very important market for Messe Muenchen, looking at its growth in the past decade and huge potential in different industry sectors. Those have been individually analyzed before launching specifically dedicated trade shows.

    3. Tell us about next edition of IFAT India 2016?

     The 4th Edition of IFAT India scheduled from September 28 – 30, 2016 at Hall 5, Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India.It will showcase a high-class supporting program including workshops, panel discussions and live demonstrations held by national and international experts from the industries, environmental associations and municipal sectors. It will also have country pavilion from Swiss, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, China, and Czech Republic. 

     4. Tell us about the last edition of IFAT India 2015?

    2015 was the 3rd Edition of IFAT India was scheduled from October 13-15, at Bombay Exhibition Centre. All the industry people gathered to showcase the latest environmental technology and solutions. 136 exhibitors took part in IFAT India 2015. Again a very high percentage of them—56 percent—were from outside India. Country pavilions from Austria, China, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland featured at the show. In 20 conferences and panel discussion speakers from all over the world gave the trade audience the benefit of their expertise on topical subjects in the environmental sector.

    5. Do we see entry of more foreign players in India in near future?

    I think through various campaigns in the past months, we could witness a higher recognition of business opportunities in India, which is definitely interesting for companies abroad. The world economy is continuously fluctuating and India with its continuous steady growth might interest a lot of new investment. Easing business within India might speed it up.

    6. How would you rate?

    Generally I am rating foreign investment and more foreign players within India as very positive and it will lead to an overall market improvement. The end-users will benefit from the increased availability of services and goods.

    7. What are your growth plans?

    In the coming years Messe Muenchen India will include more verticals keeping in mind its international expansion strategy. We are constantly analyzing what kind of new topics can be launched in format of a b2b exhibition. Especially in industry sectors where there is a growing demand or no professional exhibition is being held

     8. How would you describe the Indian market?

    The Indian market is one of the very few that has a slow but steady and continuous growth and even with the predicted GDP growth rates a very interesting one for local and foreign investments. There are a few bottlenecks which still need to be resolved, so that the Indian market becomes even more interesting and lucrative.

    9. What are your hopes from the New Indian Government?

     To easy the execution of several projects across Industries that came to a still-stand. Bureaucracy should be reduced to enable more bilateral business.