• Name: Mr. Kalyana Ram Putrevu

    Designation: Managing Director (India & Gulf Countries)

    Company: Gefran India Pvt. Ltd. - Pune

    1. We understand that Gefran is 50-year-old Italian firm. It is operational in 14 countries including India. How has been its experience in India?

    For GEFRAN, Indian market is strategic and target country to develop our main business in plastic, metal and lift application mainly. It does not mean we did not work in other markets. In these core vertical applications Gefran is looking forward to increase results by expanding our partner network, which include Distributors, OEMs, System Integrators, and Solution Providers. Gefran experienced a strong customer network, who believed in our company thanks to the quality of our products, on time service and cooperation in custom solution development.

    Another aspect we experience is that India is a rich window on the world market. All global players are offering their products in India. We are going to deliver our solutions trying to stay close to customers with local service and support, beyond the integrated solutions.

    2. What are different kinds of lift solutions you are manufacturing in India?

    Gefran’s know-how in the civil lift application together with the deep specialization due to the cooperation with the world’s largest lift builders are the key factors of the lift inverter designed for the widest variety of systems.

    Moreover, Gefran’s presence in areas of highest demographic growth allowed to foresee the main market trends in terms of technology and regulations.Concerning the local manufacturing, we started with the manufacture of the basic lift inverter for asynchronous motors. The available rating 4 KW, 5.5 KW and 7.5 KW.

    3. How do foresee lifts market in India in next three years.

    Gefran have just exhibited at IEEE in Mumbay. We really felt lots of interest in our products and solutions for customers in India.

    India is now one of the major market in the world for elevators. Within the next 5 years we will see an exponential growth because of the constant increase of the urban population and housing as well.

    The main key expectations of this market are safety and service. Gefran is going to answer to these request aligning our offer and service to the market and customer needs.

    4. What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth?  

    The ICS (Integrated Control System) is the new elevator platform developed by Gefran. It integrates the inverter and the control card. The communication takes place via dedicated internal interface, which guarantees complete interoperability and very fast response times.

    In the traditional systems, inverters and control cards are usually separate units. It requires dedicated wiring and programming. On the other hands, the integrated solution reduces design, installation and maintenance costs, thanks to the Plug & Play logic.

    These solutions have been displayed during the IEE exhibition emphasizing the ability to customize solutions too. Gefran usually works closely with customers in order to answer their needs and requirements.

    Modernization of existing systems, new systems with and without machine room, applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors, with and without gearbox, can be managed in a targeted and simple way with Gefran drives.

    Flexible and complete thanks to a wide range of options and dedicated accessories, the inverters of the lift series are the fast, immediate solution for all application requirements.

    Thousands of systems operating all over the world are the best evidence of Gefran’s skill and the absolute quality of its product.

    5. Where do you see this company in the next few years?

    Gefran has ambitious growth plans and wanted to play a key role serving customers and markets in the next 5 years with new products, offers and services close to customers.

    6. You are manufacturing motion drives for the elevator industry what is your current range of the manufacturing.

    With over 50 years of experience in designing and producing drives, Gefran has reached the third generation of inverters to control traction lift motors.

    They are properly designed for this application, with hardware and software functions able to reduce costs and installation space, to guarantee high performance to the whole system.

    700,000 drives installed in systems around the world are proof of our expertise in designing and building quality products.

    Thanks to a complete range of certified products for the application, Gefran offers solutions for the main geared or gearless applications, whether, and can propose advanced regenerative systems where demanded by specific conditions.

    A team of Gefran experts works with each customer to select the ideal product for its application and to help install and configure devices.

    7. India lags behind developed, particu­larly, European countries in R&D in industries. Your company invests a lot in the R&D. Should India spend more in re­search and development?

    GEFRAN is an international company and the headquarter is based in Italy where Gefran develops and produces its electronic devices. Gefran India was a subsidiary focused on sales and in 2015 we started with the production of some inverters for lift applications. Gefran wants to continue investing in India in order to guarantee the growth of the local subsidiary.

    8. Industrial automation in India has shown a remarkable growth of late. Where do you see your group’s growth potential vis-a-vis other competitors in this area?

    Customers in India are looking for “speed” and “quality”. Gefran is going to improve and give its full attention to customer expectations with commitment to deliver as a differentiator compared with our competitors.

    9. Are you planning to import from India for other international markets. If yes which are markets you want to import from India.

    Gefran is an international company with several subsidiary wordwide. According to our sale organization and strategy, Gefran places subsidiaries in the strategic countries from a business point of view. For this reason Gefran India will take care of the growth of the local business.

    It does not mean we only limit our offering to local market. We manufacture products to meet international quality and standards. We are happy to serve worldwide customers as required

    10. The Gefran claims that it offers a one stop shop, providing the ideal solution to every application requirement. Will you please elaborate?

    One of the Gefran strengths is its attitude cooperate with customers in those applications where we can develop customized solutions such as: plastic, metal, mobile hydraulic, hoist and crane, water and HVAC, electrical furnaces, lift. We usually work with our partners developing world class customized solutions to optimize and improve the performance of each industrial application. We achieve this by expert advice, sinergy and partnership with our customers.