Company Name

India Tools & Instruments Co.

Company Address 12/18, 1st floor, Office No.7,Tawa Lane, Opp A.R. Street, Unity House ,.Mumbai 400003,Maharashtra, India
City Mumbai
Country India
Telephone / Mobile  No. 91-22-23428862
Contact Person + Designation Mr.Ojus Azad--Proprietor
Product List Auto Collimators, Bore Gauges, Coating Thickness Meters, Coordinate Measuring Machinery, Dial Calipers, Counting Balances, Dial Indicators, Dial Indicator Stand, Dial Thickness Gauge, Digital Hardness Testers, Digital Tachometers, Digital Vibration Meters, Electric Gauges Contractors,Engineering Tools, Gauge Block, Hardness Testing Equipments, Hardness Testers, Height Gauges, Indicators, Infrared Thermometers, Industrial Thermometers, Light Illuminators, Linear Gauges, Linear Scale, Measuring Instruments, Measuring Microscope, Metal Hardness Testers, Micrometers, Microscopes, Precision Measuring Instruments, Optical Measuring Instruments, Paper Roll Hardness Testers, Pencil Hardness Testers, PH Meters,  Portable Hardness Testers, Roughness Testers, Rubber Hardness Testers, Scientific Apparatus, Surface Plates, Surface Roughness Testers, Tachometers,  Testing Instruments, Thermo- Hygrograph, Thermometers, Thickness Gauge, Toolmakers Microscope Profile Projectors,  Ultrasonic Flow Detectors, Ultrasonic Thickness Indicators,  Vernier Calipers, Vibration Testers, Weighting Balances.
Company Profile  India Tools & Instruments Co. is the world’s leading Coating Thickness Gauge manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in India. We start our operation in the year 1975 under the leadership of our respected and highly experienced owner Mr. Ojus Azad. He is behind the success of India Tools & Instruments Co. because he is dedicated to his work and never compromise with the quality and quantity anyhow.
Year Established 1975
Certification  NA
Type of Company Trader
Exports ( Countries )  
Year Established  
Type  of Company  Dealer