Company Name Dipesh Engineering Works
Magazine Name  & Edition SPICOS TRI Annual ( Dec.—March ) 2018
Advertisement Page No : 01
Product List Absorption Towers, Aerospace Equipments, Agitators, Air Receiver Vessels, Autoclaves , C-GMP Reactors, Carbon Steel Rubber Lined Vessels , Cement Equipments, Chemical Mixers, Chemical Plant Equipments, Chemical Turnkey Projects, Cladded Reactors, Co-Axial Contra Rotating Mixers, Condensers,  Conical Screw Dryers, Deaerators, Defence Equipments, Distillation Columns, Distillation Systems, Double Pipe Hair Pin Heat Exchangers, Dryers, EPC Chemical Plants, EPC –Engineering-Procurement Construction, EPC Pharmaceutical Plants, Evaporators, Exotic Mixers, Exotic Metal Fabricators, Fertilizer Equipments,Finned Heat Exchangers, High Pressure Air Receiver., High Pressure Columns, Hydrogenators, Industrial Dryers, Jacketed Reactors, Gas-Induction Reactors, Gas-Liquid Mixers, Limpeted Reactors, Liquid-Liquid Mixers, Nitrogen Storage Tanks,Oil & Gas Equipments,Paint equipments,  Pharmaceutical Machinery, Pharmaceutical Mixers,  Pharmaceuticals Turnkey Projects, Power Plant Equipments, Pressure Vessels, Process Equipments, Process Plants, Process Plants Turnkey Projects, Reactors, Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers, Rotocone Vacuum Dryers, Scrubbers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers,  Silos, Skids, Solid-Liquid Mixers, Spherical Paddle Chopper Dryers, Stacks,Stainless Steel Fabricators, Steel Equipments,Storage Tanks, Titanium Heat Exchangers, Titanium Fabricators, Vacuum Dryers, Venturi Stacks, Wastewater Treatmrent Plant Equipments, Water Treatment Plant Equipments.
Company Profile  Dipesh Engineering Works designs, manufactures and supplies standard –based process equipment skids systems, plants and process engineering solutions that help you improve your production targets year-on year.
Contact Person + Designation Mr.Ketan J.Patel--CEO
Company Address Level 3, Sej Plaza, Marve Road,
Malad (West), Mumbai – 400 064 , Maharashtra (India)
City  Mumbai
Country India
Telephone / Mobile No. 91- 22-40736736
Certification  ASME-U, ASME-U1, ASME-U, -U2-R- ISO 9001:2008 
Exports ( Countries ) Europe , Middle East , Russia, South Africa & USA
Year Established  1981
Type  of Company   Manufacturer