Mr. Saibal Mukhopadhya, Country Manager
CSA India Pvt. Ltd.

1. CSA Group is almost a century old. What is secret of its relevance and growth?

As a leading edge global service provider, CSA Group provides standards development, training and advisory services; testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products. We are also involved in consumer product evaluation, inspection and advisory services for retailers and manufacturers. We have labs and offices in 16 countries around the world.Our over 1,300 Technical Committees have helped develop over 3,000 standards, codes and related products in 54 different technologies.

CSA Group focuses consistentlyon advancement of new technologies to offer timely and relevant standards development andinnovative tests, inspection and certification servicesto our customers.

As the global market developed, CSA Group expanded its footprint to serve clients in expanding markets. Given the emerging drivers of safety and sustainability in an increasingly global economy, CSA Group is well-positioned to bring value added solutions to the pressing needs of people and business

2. CSA group works with businesses, organizations and code authorities all around the world to help create a safer, more sustainable world for people and for business. Does it apply different standards for different countries?

CSA Group is dedicated to reducing trade barriers and supports international standards that improve safety and performance on a global level. CSA Group believes that through harmonization of multiple standards that apply worldwide, it can help manufacturers to access new markets and create a consistent level for safety and performance across global markets.

CSA Group is a leading Standards Development Organization (SDO) in Canada and the US, where we develop standards in a number of technical areas and work toward bi-national and tri-national standards for North America. CSA Group also participates on various ISO committees to help develop standards for international markets.

Presently there are still a number of standards that are not harmonized. This requires products being sold in multiple markets to meet the requirements of each jurisdiction. CSA Group’s global market access team can help manufacturer’s understand the certification requirements to reach markets around the world. Our laboratories are capableof providingtesting and certification services for multiple markets, creating an efficient, one-stop service solution.

3. How does the CSA Group assist businesses, consumers and various organisations in innovative solutions for their evolving safety, reliability and sustainability needs?

CSA Group is committed to help creating a better, safer and more sustainable world. Through our standards development activities, we offer a broad portfolio of sustainability standards promoting environmentally preferred products and practices.

Sustainability andtheenergy efficiency verification (EEV) certification programsare excellent examples of how our standards and certification services work together to promote environmentally preferable products.

For manufacturers, CSA’s sustainability mark tells retailers, regulators, and consumers that theproduct has met defined environmental performance requirements and corporate responsibility requirements as outlined in CSA Group’s sustainability standards.

The EEV marks from CSA Group demonstrate that the product has met the energy efficiency requirements outlined by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Canadian provincial energy efficiency regulations, California Energy Commission (CEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

4. Why standardization is necessary for safer, more sustainable environment for work, home or play?

CSA Group standards are used by a broad spectrumof stakeholders to help enhance safety for people and business. When implemented by industries or regulators, standards help contribute to a wide range of safety and sustainability goals. Standards also facilitate international trade by encouraging commonalities between products and parts. Standards are considered as a very useful tool in enhancing the adoption of new and emerging technologies, providing consistent quality in health care, improving safety in the workplace and promoting public safety. Without standards being in place, consumer-driven tasks such as plugging in appliances, networking of computers or comparing the energy usage of different products, would be lot more complicated.

For businesses, standards help reduce uncertainty. They help contribute to managing risk, enhancing global trade and reducing R&D costs

5.CSA develops standards in more than 50 areas of technology, including new technologies such as electric vehicles, alternative fuels, nano materials, wind and solar energy and fuel cells. Which of these technologies have more CSA certification demand, if we put them in an order?

Certification requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Any product that is regulated is required to meet the applicable requirements of relevantstandards for sale in that region. In most jurisdictions, there are various requirements that products must meet – this is mandated by the governments in each jurisdiction.

Voluntary certification is not required for sale – in other words the standard is a voluntary standard and there are no regulatory requirements to meet that standard for sale. CSA Group has seen an increase in the demand for voluntary certification to indicate a product is sustainable and environmentally preferable.

6. These are other standard development organisationsaround the world. How is CSA different, or better, than them?

CSA Group has almost 100 years’ experience developing standards to help make products better, safer and more sustainable. CSA Group publishes and maintains over 3,000 standards in more than 54 different technologies. We are Canada’s largest standards development organisation and are accredited in Canada and the United States. We work with standards development organisations in North America and around the world to harmonise standards that address the global market, while taking into account specific local requirements.

CSA Group facilitates committees of volunteer experts to develop standards using a “balanced matrix” approach, which means that each committee is structured to capitalize on the combined strengths and expertise of its members – with no single group dominating. The committee considers the views of all participants and develops the content of the standard by a consensus process that includes the principles of inclusive participation, and respect for diverse interest and transparency.

7. How does the CSA assist consumers/clients access global market?

CSA Group’s Global Market Access (GMA) team can helpclients navigate the international requirements to obtain the certification marks required for electrical products, electronic household appliances, medical appliances, gas-fired products, industrial products and more. Our international network of offices and testing facilities provide a single contact to obtain certifications for markets worldwide. Our knowledgeable technical advisors can assist manufacturers with identifying the specific product requirements for target markets quickly and confidently.

CSA Group’s GMA team offers technical information services to address applicable certification, EMC, telecom or energy efficiency requirements for countries around the world. We are accredited as a Certification Body (CB) under IECEE CB scheme for testing to IEC standards for the international market. We can help manufacturers obtain the CE mark for the European market as well as marks required by individual European countries. Our expertise and knowledge of international standard requirements has allowed us to establish Mutual Recognition Agreements with various national certification bodies, enabling us to help clients reach international markets.

8. When did the CSA Group start its operations in India?

CSA Group has been operating in India for over 16 years, building relationships with leading firms across numerous industries. We opened our first testing laboratory in Bangalore in July of 2014.

9. Who are the major CSA clients in India?

CSA Group’s lab in India is accredited by National Accreditation Board of Laboratories (NABL) to provide testing services for IT/AV, LED, Lab, test and measurement Control, Process control/automation, Industrial, Medical devices and range of products for environmental tests for protection against rain and dust. The lab is also authorized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to provide testing services for a range of IT &AV and LED products in India under Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). We also offer certification services for Hazardous location products based on local testing capabilities. Our client base includes major manufacturers and exporters of products in the areas above.

CSA Group’s goal is to provide world-class services to those manufactures who want to export and import goods from/to India.

10. What is your take on overall industrial /manufacturing standard of India-made products, services or solutions?

India is experiencing rapid economic transformation which has resulted in arise in new middle class consumers[1]. Indian manufacturers have a great opportunity to take advantage of a growing market at home by providing superior products to the local market, offering a competitive advantage over foreign manufacturers importing products into the market. Companies are increasingly looking to improve supply chain management, safety and performance and to demonstrate sustainable products and practices.

CSA Group has a wealth of experience and knowledge of both standards development and testing and certification to offer Indian manufacturers, government and retailers. To help navigate the global market and help ensure compliance, CSA Group offers training and awareness programs for students, government officials and manufacturers on global standards and regulatory requirements for safety, the environment and sustainability. Through education, we are encouraging an understanding of the importance of standards, testing and certification in a global market.

CSA Group is committed to helping Indian companies and Government in their “Make in India” mission to develop a better, safer and more sustainable products for consumers locally and globally.