Dr. Akhil Kala, CEO & Managing Director - Brasten Group
Brasten Group

All companies of the Brasten group are in different but interrelated business which varies from field instruments, online analytical instruments & systems, on shore/ off shore loading equipment- as system integrator and manufacturer. What kind of operations you have undertaken in India?

Yes, all companies under Brasten umbrella do offer different products range (s). Like one of the company “Brasten Analytical” offers complete range of air monitoring & online process analyzers in all industries such as petrochemical, chemical, sugar, power, oil & gas, fertilizer or any other industry. Similarly “Brasten Engineering” serves for mechanical process instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, flow, level measurements to similar industries. “BFE” is joint venture with Holland and have production facility of complete range of chemical seals and offers all sort of chemical seal solutions to gauges or transmitters of any brandand have major market share in Southeast Asia. “Brasten Engineers & Consultants”India is our recent global expansion center for all engineering activities&project management and serving as Sales & Marketing for India. All products in all Brasten companies are interrelated to process automation / measurements. For example an online analyzer project would need control instruments as produced by our other companies. Thus we say all companies are in interrelated business.

The Brasten is associated with global major brands. Which Indian brands is it associated with?

We have collaboration with world leaders but have developed our own brand recognized globally as “BRASTEN®”. So we promote “Brasten” globally and in India as well. Developing and establishing own brand in the competitive market was a real challenge but the team has worked hard and could establish with acceptance of customers in Southeast Asia in due course of time. Currently we do have a very small share of market in India as we have just started operations in India but we are confident that products will be well accepted in Indian market too very soon.

You have analyzers service facility available in Bangkok. Is that the only facility for all your analyzer service?

Bangkok is not only the service facility but it is complete manufacturing cum integration center for analyzers. We have extended service facility in India along with complete testing of analyzers. From India, we will not only serve Indian customers but all international customersglobally. An experienced and dedicated team in the area is onboard in India. Specialists from HQ in Bangkok provides 24 x 7 backup to all customers. Indian team is fully trained at HQ and we ensure to provide regular trainings. We are conducting annual seminars at HQ for our customers and distributors. This gives us bilateral opportunity where customers / distributors are trained on products whereas we get opportunity for improvement from their real ground level feedback for improvements. Analysis of feedback from customer’s mouth help us a lot.

How important are water and air quality monitoring for all gas and liquid solution?

Water crisis is the global cause of concern currently. Pollutant from industries especially gases are at alarming levels and affects human being. Our analyzers help in identifying such pollutants and help to overcome with proven solutions provided by us to establishments and clients. Our dedication is to support Green Environment.

How you have made customized monitoring an online solution? We thought it requires on-spot, physical testing.

We do have complete testing facility fully established for the pollutants, chemicals and waste waters. Samples are collected from customers &tested in our laboratory in Bangkok and then we suggest proper, reliable and suitable monitoring system (s) to our clients and fully support them to install it at their site. Other than this we do have hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical stress and PMI testing established for decades to check mechanical properties. Outsourced items are only accepted with nationally or internationally recognized test certificates. Our quality control is very strict and is the highest say in term of quality whether it may be incoming, in-process or outgoing product. Our handheld multi-parameter analyzer helps us to identify major issues at client site. So we can test properties at customer site and then develop / design a customer specific measuring equipmentand sample preconditioning devices to suit customer specific measuring ranges.

Who are promoters of the company?

Brasten group is a family owned business started by Dr. Akhil Kala in July 1990 as a small trading company but since it has never looked back. Dr. Kala is founder, Promotor and Chairman of the Brasten Group of Companies. As of now Brasten group is having multiple businesses such as complete range of mechanical Process Instruments, Chemical Diaphragm Seals, Offshore / Onshore loading arms, Air Quality Monitoring systems & Online process analyzers etc. Our head quarter and manufacturing facilities are in Bangkok, Thailandwhereas sales offices are in USA, Singapore and India. A dedicated team of professionals in the respective field is engaged in designing, testing and development of new equipment.We provide single window solution to our valued customers.

Why Bangkok was chosen as its base for operations?

Thailand is wonderful place because it offers one of the best infrastructure in the world with total clarity of operations. Lower cost of production / operations is added advantage. It is also a hub for Southeast Asia which is our major established market. It may be air or sea gateway Bangkok has it within less than an hour distance. So it makes sense to operate a business from Bangkok.

What, if any, expansion plan the company has for near and distant future?

Foundation of Indian office is in view of “Make in India” a mission of Government of India and Brasten is dedicated to it. It will start manufacturing several mechanical parts in Delhi NCR region within very short period of time for steel forging, fabrication and machining jobs for mechanical flanges, Thermo-wells& instruments accessories. Singapore office is also extended for commercial purposes.

Where does the company stand vis-a-vis competitors in the sphere of field instrumentation?

Brasten enjoys its high reputation among our customers and well regarded as one of the best supplier in field of instrumentation & analyzers due to its state of art technologies, cost competitiveness as well as high class on time services. Brasten has collaboration with world class manufacturers and offers same quality at very competitive prices either it is mechanical instrumentation or online analyzers.

What kind of pollution hazards are faced by the company in providing safe, reliable and complete solutions?

Effluent disposal is global problem but Brasten does not have any pollutants because it uses very less quantity of chemicals in laboratory. However Brasten considers it a serious matter and takes all necessary precautions to neutralize chemicals before disposal according to the practices described in our quality system as well local standards. Thailand has very strict policy for it.