Jacketed Reactor ( Gas – Induction Reactor )-- 15 KL Total Capacity SS316

Dipesh makes standards-based reaction vessels, systems with agitators in various material of constructions for normal, aggressive and corrosive reactions.

Supplied to chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and other host of industries, our reactors withstand the test of time. We make them in various material of construction including SS, Carbon Steel, and other exotic material. In addition, we can also design and manufacture cladded explosion-bonded reactors.

Customers feel Safe and confident even at 76 barg, 300 deg C, for Hydrogenation, Chlorination, Ethoxylation, Ammonolysis, phosgenation, Carboxylation, Carbonation, Exothermic Polymerization, and many other processes, when they React with Dipesh Equipment.

Features of Jacketed Reactor ( Gas – Induction Reactor )-

• With dual Internal Coil.

• 2 Nos. Gas –Induction.

• One  Curved Turbine with Double Mechanical Seal  with Force Lubrication, Internal Rigid Coupling.

• CS Lantern Stool.

• Inline Helical  Bonfiglioli make Gear Box and Compton make FLP Motor with internal and external Pickling Passivation with Lug Supports.