Bump & Jolt Machine

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May 30 2018

It is a common experience that most-materials stored in bins. hoppers or silos do not easily flow through discharge opening..When called upon to flow. the materials tend to plug. bridge or rat-hole because of their inherent characteristics. environmental conditions or undesirable surrounding vibrations. The conventional solutions employed. viz.. electromagnetic vibrators. air/ steam jets. pounding on the bin body or even manual packing of material from top or through discharge opening. are largely inefficient. noisy and lead to intermittant and erratic discharge of materials. The use of above techniques results in.

* Loss of production
* Down-time on part of down-stream requirements
* Worker fatigue due to additional strenuous work and / or unpleasant vibrator noise.
* Contamination, dusting and spillage of product
* Damage to structure due to repeated heavy pounding
* Impaired product quality and down-stream process wherever flow rates and charging time are important.

A specially engineered gyrator with matched characteristics imparts powerful vibrations of low amplitude and high frequency to the discharge head and hence to the material but not the bin. The horizontal vibratory thrust unpacks the contained material and throws it towards discharge opening where it falls down easily by gravity. The discharge head resolves the horizontal thrusts into strong vertical impulses which extend far up into main bin to cause loosening of contained material. The whole phenomena is silent and demands very little power and attention.

* Discharge material continuously at a uniform rate on FIRST IN, FIRST OUT basis without segregation.
* Material is handled gently without damaging particles.


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