FRP Lining on MS or CS Tanks

FRP (Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic) Lining has a very wide application to protect the surface from the erosion / corrosion due to chemical atmosphere or directly because of the chemicals handled.

FRP Lining is basically a hand lapping process where Glass Fibre used with different type of resins as per the chemical compositions and type of exposure. The basic advantages of FRP Lining the application are very simple along with the surface preparation required before the application. It does require sand blasting as in other linings required. And we can select the resin as per the job applications and the cost also varies accordingly

  • DM (Demineralize) Water Storage tank.
  • Outside protective lining on Acid / Alkali storage tank from the fumes generated by Acid.
  • Protective coating on the MS structure, handrails, platform in the DM plant / or any other area where the acidic fumes are generated.
  • Protect the inner surfaces of the reactor vessels/storage tank.


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