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March 9 2018

With PASloto, Pilz now offers a software package to document lockout-tagout processes (LoTo). As a result, job specifications for dealing with hazardous energy sources can be produced and documented simply. In the associated training course, Pilz also conveys the necessary knowledge about the LoTo procedure and covers the optimum way to work with the software.

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LoTo describes the safety measures (e.g. interlocks) when dealing with hazardous energy sources such as electrics, pneumatics or hydraulics. Using the PASloto software it is possible to produce LoTo reports and check the company's own LoTo guidelines. This way it is easy to document lockout-tagout procedures. PASloto produces the poster that documents a plant's entire LoTo procedure and enables photos of the machine and energy sources to be added to the lockout-tagout poster. The software requires a licence and is available to download at:

Pilz also offers "LoTo training: Lockout Tagout – Safety-related lockout and interlocking". The one-day seminar gives manufacturers and operators a detailed understanding of the requirements and applications of the LoTo procedure. Delegates are also informed about all aspects concerning the release of hazardous energies, for the safety of your staff and preservation of all equipment. Practical exercises provide a comprehensive insight into the functionalities of the PASloto software.


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